Cheer Up with PacSun

November 23rd, 2013

Let’s say you are in New York, you wake up, open your eyes and see that it’s still dark. You look outside and realize the temperature is probably right below freezing, to your significant disappointment. The only thing you need at the moment is to listen to some good news to cheer you up. But your roommate is similarly moody so you switch on your laptop and… VOILA! I have some great news for you my dearest vixen. I have a Couponology exclusive 25% off PacSun promo code that will absolutely make your day, shopping always does and when it can be done online with just a click then it does it even quicker-after all, there is no way you are going to ruin your brand new furry boots, walking in the rain.
And since I’m almost at the same position as you are – you can always still a minute or two to add something in your shopping cart even when you are working – I already made my choices for today. Did I say today? Yes I’m sick with deals so I’ll probably get some more stuff tomorrow, who knows? But anyway! To the point now! First off, no self-respectful vixen shops for something old when there are new arrivals there, right? And it happens in our case. So, a new morning outfit, a new dress and a new jacket. What a great list I’ve made here! HaHa!

So, let me share what’s already in my shopping cart and since you will absolutely love them just try not to hang out at the same places I do – can’t stand dressing like tweens. Ugh! You are not five anymore, and if you are, you’d better give the laptop to your mom instead of reading this! Can five years old read? It’s been a long time so I can’t remember! Anyway! So my first soon-to-be-mine consists of the Kirra Sequin Pocket Top (think clever and choose pieces that you can use all year long, whenever possible of course), the Lira Wicked Sweater (asymmetrical tops is the new big thing) and the so hot Bullhead Denim Co Boyfriend Overalls (when you try this style leave one of the two sides on top unbuttoned for a more playful style).

Secondly, I said dress, dress like singular, and did you bite? No! Of course not, you already know and you know I wouldn’t go for just one of them. You are so right! I bought two. One sparkling one – maybe too sparkling – and one sexy –again maybe too sexy, but who cares, my legs my choice! So, the first one is the Naven Starlette Dress in blue which I will wear with sky high black heels and black accessories but be careful, choose accessories that are not so extravagant since the dress do this for you! The second one is the absolutely hot Nollie The Call Dress which will definitely cause some “accidents”. I’d wear this one either with heels or maybe with a flat leather black boot and a hat as the one shown in the photo for a more rock effect. Wow!


And finally, since I couldn’t go to checkout late November without a new jacket, I also bought the Vans Fort Greene Vest that comes with a hoodie. Why did I choose a vest? Because I love showing off my clothes and a vest allows you to show off your top! Clever? Huh? Or maybe demonstrative? Either way, it doesn’t matter because now, I just can’t wait to get this one and all of the above ASAP!


Do it Like the Brits with Motel Rocks

September 24th, 2013

Just came back home from another country where I made an extremely interesting observation. It’s not just us, but women all over the world view shopping in the same way as we do. Whether you are in America, Europe or anywhere in the world, there is only one association we make when it has to do with the magic word… “I n-e-e-d to do some shopping”. And how did the discussion end up like this? Let me start the story from its very beginning…

I’m a summer person, so late September is a not-let-fall-seduce you. Thus, I stick to my shorts-sandals outfits, and the result? Me in the night club looking good but freezing in my at least 5” high sandals and my hot pants –trying to dance as much as possible to increase my body temperature- saying to my friends: I need to do some shopping for the next night out. And coming back home, I decided to satisfy my “needs” (every woman understands what I mean) before even unpacking.

So, I just got online at –after some time in London I bet on Brits’ style- and chose a new outfit for the next endless night out. And since I always start by choosing my pants when getting dressed, I do the same when I’m shopping a new outfit. In this way, I first ordered the Motel Jordan Skinny Jan in Crackle Black –because whether it is a trend or not, a pair of skinny jeans is the most figure-flattering piece you can get. Then, I decided to match this one with a tee, instead of a special top or something, so that I can also wear it during daylight. And after some research I shopped for the Motel Peace Protest Print Geek T-Shirt in White that comes with roll sleeves- another trick to flatter your arms. Got both of them while saving big with the Couponology exclusive 25% off Motel Rocks promo code.

And now comes the best part: shoes! When it comes to shoes, you have to be careful. A shoe is not just a piece of your outfit, it’s a statement or an investment, as I’d say. And for that very simple reason, I’d suggest the Jeffrey Campbell Night Walk Platform in Black Suede which is absolutely hot! Wait! Don’t be scared because of this kind of heel; if you have never tried it before I can reassure you that it’s super comfortable and so in vogue- you only have to be careful the first time you climb stairs, otherwise it is just amazing. Also, suede is the next big thing when it comes to shoes! And most of all, you can now get this statement piece while saving with the 20% off Motel Rocks promo code from What else do you want to fall in love with it?

Got the shoes, but what about a bag? You “need” a new bag too, right? Of course you do! And in honor to the hot British styles, I suggest the Motel Union Jack Clutch Bag in Silver Patent Fur which comes with a shoulder strap; an absolute must for a night out. How would you be able to dance with an envelope bag in your hands? You wouldn’t! And then, how would you realize the transition from summer to fall without a new jacket? You wouldn’t again! And here comes the gorgeous Motel Jazz Vegan Leather Quilted Jacket in Black which apart from your crazy nights out, it will become your second skin all day long throughout the new season.

Wow! I feel so much relieved when I manage to get a complete new outfit while saving big. Not just for the actual saving itself, but because now I can keep on going… either shopping or to another country again; you know for my women-shopping-styles research of course, not that I want to! :)

$19 Swarovski Crystal Jewelry

September 16th, 2013

Sparkle. Shine. Glam. Luxury. Fashion. Crystals. Jewelry. Affordable. It’s all about Swarovski ladies! History speaks for itself and customer loyalty does absolutely the same. When it comes to Swarovski, no introductions need to be made. We all love them, from the youngest to the oldest ones of us; because it’s only Swarovski that taught us first that style, prestige and stones

(you know what kind of stones I’m talking about) do not need to be priced as a small car. On the contrary, that beloved brand offers gorgeous jewelry for any kind of wallet –from the ones that are just for cards to the ones that are just for coins. No kidding. At this very moment you are reading this, you can shop for beautiful jewelry from and save big time with the Couponology exclusive up to 80% off Swarovski promo code. And that translates to one of the kind pieces for just $19. Unbelievable but true!

In fact, whether you are looking for rings, necklaces or earrings, you’ll find all you need/want (it doesn’t matter) without breaking the bank. It’s just 19 dollars girls; how would you ever find deals like that? You wouldn’t. And also, it’s your chance, finally, to get your best friend, your mom or your sis a lovely gift without any reason. You’ll make her jump from joy and she will never know the price you paid for it. And it doesn’t matter anyway… It’s the gesture that counts, can’t you tell? But let’s have a look at some of the products available through this unbeatable Couponology deal, so that you get a better understanding of the kind of beauty and, most of all, saving opportunity I’m talking about.

And as I’m not that modest, I “know” I made the best choices for myself, and these are the ones I’m gonna share with you. So, first off I bought the super cute Butterfly Pendant with Lavender and Rose Swarovski Crystal in Sterling Silver. Apart from its obvious beauty, I believe that butterflies are super cute and feminine and add a kind of sweetness to your style. I got this one while saving $60 and also got for free a sterling silver 18” box chain. Perfecto! Then, I decided on a new ring (like I don’t already have more than enough on my fingers haha) and that’s the Ring with Pink-Rose-White Fade Swarovski Crystal in Sterling Silver, because what color would it be if it wasn’t for pink and rose? None! I got this one while saving $80. WOW! I still can’t believe I saved that much! And finally, I couldn’t go to checkout with a new pair of fine crystal earrings; would you? With discounts like that? Nah! For earrings, I decided to go for something more neutral (aka no colors) which could be combined with any other jewelry I want. And so, I chose the Drop Earrings with Swarovski Crystal in Sterling Silver, which although it might be quite formal to be worn during the day, but for your nights out, it can be perfectly matched with almost everything! Also, this one comes with an $80 discount too, so don’t spend even one more sec thinking about it. To sum up, I bought three products for less than $60 and saved $220.

Anyways! Now you know exactly what I meant by glam and low-prices, so you can just get online at and choose the ones that are closer to your style and preferences. Or you just get online and get them all! You’ll save anyway! Seguro! See my case!

In Love with Fashion

August 19th, 2013

August 19, 2013- New York. The weather forecast is not so ideal today; we are expecting a cloudy day. But, it’s August and we need to get some sun, don’t we? Don’t worry ladies, I found out the way to get over this August-is-almost-gone sadness that doesn’t allow us to take the most out of the last days of summer. So, here’s my way to overcome it: Whenever summer is on its “sunset”, I always go online shopping. I choose the best styles to say goodbye to summer and when I’m in a new outfit, I can never ever be sad. And I couldn’t but choose InLoveWithFashion to help me through this tough task- because it’s definitely tough to say goodbye. Who wouldn’t choose a store that describes her feelings toward fashion? None serious vixen!

But let’s get to the point! I’ll show you how I’ll make my final summer appearances under the sun and moonlight and then you can just copy or choose something similar for yourself too- because when you get online at you can’t leave your cart empty! Especially, if you know (and you just get to do so) that you can also use the Couponology exclusive 25% off In Love With Fashion promo code. Also, the outfits I’ve bought cost from $16 to $54, and that all before the promo code. Yes, it’s just unbelievable, I know!

First off, I picked up two casual and day-to-night outfits that can get me to the office, shopping and surely to the beachside restaurant. The first one is the Love Bella Print Chiffon Front Panel Bow Waist Dress which comes with an amazing $44.80 discount. You can now get this cute dress for just $16 and match it with flat sandals or wedges and a narrow leather belt. The second outfit I fell in love with, is the Love Fuschia Maxi Skirt ($28.80 discount) together with the Love Baby Pink #Princess Black Tee. This one it on the top of this summer trends and it will definitely give you a stylish but also playful attitude. And don’t forget that we are princesses, so this tee is making a huge but true statement! :)

Then, I decided to buy two dresses for my nights out. And since I’m always getting bored of the usual dress designs, this time I wanted to get something special. And thus, I started form the Love Rasberry Drape Back Dress which apart from summer, this color is one of the FW 2013 fashion trends. This airy dress is super feminine and hot because of its textile but most of all because it leaves your back uncovered; not to mention that it comes with a $35.20 discount which makes it even better. And for the days, or maybe nights, that I have managed to avoid eating all the ice-cream from my fridge and my stomach is still flat, I bought the Love Stone Marcella Cut Out Dress. This one, I promise you’ll love it because it’s not only the perfect piece for summer, it also hugs the body’s curls to make you look so seductive and it’s absolutely in-style with its long zip at the back.

Last but not least, I’d propose an item that can walk you through not only August, but also the first days of fall. And that’s the Love Cobalt Wrap Playsuit, which comes in four different colors. (I chose the blue one since its one of my favorite colors) This playsuit can be worn now with sandals but also later on with ankle boots or your favorite heels. And now, don’t tell me that you are still sad. Me? No, for sure! I just can wait to wear my brand new white dress and get out for dinner tonight- I’ll choose sushi so that I don’t get too full! :)

Summer Is In the – Ettika – Air

August 5th, 2013

I love summer! And among the endless reasons I do so, one of my faves is undeniably the simplicity of clothes or maybe the uncovered skin which, for me, instantly translates to countless jewelry and accessories! And as for me, every fashion-respectful vixen should get excited when she has so much skin to decorate with gorgeous jewelry! Summer is the perfect period to wear as many bracelets, necklaces or any other piece of jewelry you want –shorts, tanks and bikinis leave a lot of space for adornment! And don’t forget that you can always fall into the extravagance trap when it has to do to jewelry and accessories! So, let me share the way I do that with the aid of Ettika, without feeling any guild at all… First of all, every single piece from is so adorable that you can’t but wear as much as your wrists can lift! And secondly, with prices as low as the ones you’ll see in a minute, you never have a second thought on going to checkout. :)

A Piece of Dynamism 

One of the hottest trends of the season is spikes! We’ve seen spikes on everything; on sandals, bags, dresses, shorts and jewelry. And if you could see my dressing room, you’ll see much more items with spikes because I just love them! They make us, girls, look a bit tough, vigorous, in other words, much of a rock n roll type! The easiest way to adopt this hot trend and incorporate it in any outfit is through a piece of jewelry (which you can also carry with you on your vacations). For example, you can get the Just a Little Spike Gold Bracelet in Cream and one more in Turquoise and wear it together with the gorgeous Metallic Sand Metallic Thread Bracelet with Gold Spikes (get two of them because you’ll love them), and be as fashionable as possible!  Or if you are not that much into mixing and matching, you can just get the Make a Point stack which includes three bracelets and some spikes of course! Now, you can shop for any or all of the above and save big time with the amazing sitewide Couponology exclusive 20% off Ettika promo code. Hot fashion savings just for you!


The Color of the Sea 

Whenever I think of the most beautiful colors I’ve even seen in my life, I unconsciously think of the most beautiful waters which are definitely the turquoise ones. So, how would I ever think of adding a little bit of summer to my style without some turquoise accessories? Impossible! That’s why I’ve already got the Stonefire Gold Necklace in Turquoise which can be matched with everything. Be it a strapless top or a night-out dress, this necklaces is a summer must-have. Also, you can match it with the All Chained Up in Turquoise Linen Bracelet which can be also worn all-day-long. But! When we speak of the sea and the summer, there is one piece of jewelry that you can’t live without- because after all, it’s the only period of the year that you can wear it. And that’s the anklet! When it comes to anklet you can spice it up as much as you want. You can either get the sweet and simple Golden Spur Anklet with Turquoise Beads or if you want something more eye-catching than that, you should get the A19- Faceted Bead and Chain Anklet with Twin Turquoise Ball –just adorable and as fussy as I’d chose it to be!


Colorful As a Rainbow

Finally, when it comes to summer, another all-time-classic trend is the excess of colors on our clothes, bags, accessories or even on our nails. But for some of us, colors stay out of our closet and spring into our jewelry boxes or in the most extreme cases in both! So, if you are also a type of girls who loves the joyful sense of colors then Ettika has much to offer for you. For the more Barbie-styled of you, there is the super cute Bubblegum Hamsa Stack or the Self Love Stack which include four individual bracelets that can be also worn independently. Now, for the more hippie- or gypsy-styled of you, Ettika has also many choices like the Under the Blue Moon Stack or the Custom Turtle Charms Braided Vintage Ribbon Bracelet. In other words, whichever your style or type is, Ettika has all you need to add some color to your summer days.To sum up, if you are in the mood of updating your jewelry with the hottest trends of the season at even hotter prices, then get online at and be the next fashion icon- with much money left in her debit card to let her keep… shopping! Ha! :)

Classy Vixens Shop Glam Boutique

May 23rd, 2013

This summer’s accessories’ trends allow for imagination, spontaneity and extravaganza. We move away from the matching-colors-styles and the don’ts we had to avoid and we observe mix and match accessories ranging from floral, fluo colors, extravagant sizes, colors and designs to a lot of earth tones and strict geometrical shapes. In fact, during the most popular fashion shows for SS13 we’ve seen it all: animal prints, flashy colors, hippy chic styles, dots combined with stripes, necklaces combined with huge bracelets (see Dsquared2), the return of bright colors like blue, yellow, green, the combination of sneakers worn with mini dresses (DKNY) and even the absolute-not combination of pink with red. So this summer, you just have to let your own personal taste unfold and adorn your outfits with any jewelry and accessory you want. Because this year, the fashion gurus decided to break the rules and let any woman’s taste shine!

Also, except for the luxury we enjoy this summer to wear any style we choose, we all know that jewelry and accessories is the most convenient way of altering any outfit and looking extremely stylish. In fact, you can always give the impression that you are the most style-experienced and knowledgeable girl on earth if you manage to wear the appropriate accessories. And this time, you can easily do that! Since there are no fashion rules you just have to get some new items and wear them from day to night with your bikini or your suit. Yes, I’m talking about that much of flexibility! However, I’d suggest that when you do jewelry and accessory shopping, you get very serious and concentrated. Because although the fashion norm allows for great freedom, that doesn’t mean that you can wear plastic bracelets with fake pearl earrings. If you want to really want to stand out in the crowd you have to wear glamorous, top quality, luxurious jewelry and accessories. Unless you are 3 years old and you share your stuff with your Barbie. And since you are not –otherwise you wouldn’t read this- all you need is to get online at


Glam Boutique, as its name suggests, offers the most gorgeous collections of jewelry and accessories by top designers for every modern woman that respects her style. From earrings and necklaces to bracelets and rings, you will find all you need to embellish your already hot summer outfits. Because after all, a true vixen can’t have a minimal style; and that’s a rule I would suggest… argue! In other words, the plurality of styles doesn’t mean that you can get out unadorned. No! It just means that the pieces I’m gonna share with you can be combined with everything- except your pajamas of course, unless you are somehow closely related to Queen Elizabeth and share a palace with her! Speaking of which, you don’t need a royalty’s fortune to get the hottest items from Glam Boutique. The complete opposite. Couponology staff knows exactly the degree of your shopping addiction and love helping you save money for your next shopping spree. And so, Couponology is currently offering an unbeatable exclusive 10% off Glam Boutique promo code. Because you might not be the queen but you can spend like one.

Now, let me share with you my top picks for this summer. And as always, I’ll start with my favorite; necklaces. As I said before, summer 2013 dictates extravaganza and I just love that! It’s my chance, and yours too, to wear all those gorgeous necklaces without worrying combining them with similar bracelets and other stuff! So, first off, I’d suggest the gorgeous Vintage Great Gatsby necklace which comes in five different colors; I chose the green one for myself since this is one of my favorite colors! This piece is not just a necklace, it’s a fashion statement with amazing details that will get you all the attention you want! Another piece I’m gonna have in my necklace tree soon, is the Jules Smith Viva Glam Necklace which is one of the latest fashion trends. Just imagine this one with a plain stretch white tank and fall in love! I’d choose the gold one, since I always prefer gold than any other material, but this stunning necklace is also available in silver. You can now shop for any of the above and save big time with the 15% off Glam Boutique promo code from Couponology.

Then, as far as earrings are concerned, I’ve picked up two sensational pieces. The first one is the Mattlin Era by Nikki Reed The Hammered earrings in yellow gold or silver. You can now shop for these simple but super glamorous earrings and save over $30. Secondly, for a more chic but flashy appearance, you should get the Diana Warner Oval Crystal Drop Earrings available in gold/ erinite, gold/ navy and gold/ silver shade. A gorgeous piece that can be worn all day long and add some glam to your style with its aqua crystal design.

And now, the most easily combined and worn of all accessories: bracelets. Before I share my faves, I need to tell you that when I want to avoid being common -almost always- I wear my bracelets on my arm and not on my wrist. So when you look at my picks take that into consideration and you’ll love them as much as I do. So, my top choice is the House Of Harlow 1960 Finespun Cuff that looks gorgeous with a sleeveless dress or top. And my second choice for my arm is the Lola James Off The Cuff piece in gold/ silver which is summery and glamorous at the same time! Now, since I’m already in my shorts and I also wanna adorn my legs, I’ve already spotted something for my ankle too –no, it’s not for the ankle but it can also be used that way- and that’s the Lola James True Luv Bracelet in green amethyst (also available in blue topaz and amethyst).


OK! I know, I know, I went too far here, but I can’t suppress my excitement neither for Glam Boutique, nor for beautiful jewelry. And also, you already know I’m a shopaholic but don’t blame me! It’s all Couponology amazing promo codes’ fault. Because with savings like these and a new season coming up, how would you resist doll? Share it with me if you find out the way… But for now, happy shopping cat!

Stepping into Spring with FootSmart

April 17th, 2013

If you see me walking down the street with a spring in my step, it’s because my feet are happy! It’s been getting warmer here in New York, complete with blossoming flowers and bright sunny skies. One of the many ways I like to celebrate the arrival of the season is by engaging in a spring cleaning spree and revamping my wardrobe. With that being said, it’s actually just another excuse to shop! I know, you’re trying to stick to your “spend less money” resolution you made in the beginning of the year but who can resist a good pair of shoes?! Especially when they are so appropriate for your newly freed up closet! This season I was looking for the perfect spring/summer sandal that was stylish yet comfortable for my problematic feet. I have what is called “collapsed ankles”. Basically this means my feet lack an arch and therefore, support.

This poses a very difficult threat to my shoe collection since I have to be conscious of my little feetsies when choosing a pair. I’ll have to admit that the only thing that came to mind was bulky orthopedic shoes that I really didn’t want to have to wear. Luckily, Istumbled upon, a site that offers stylish shoes for all types of feet. Praise the shoe gods! They have so many different feet-friendly brands like Naturalizer, Crocs, Hush Puppies, and EasySpirit, which automatically lifted my spirits as I already have a couple of these brands sitting in my closet. As if things couldn’t get any better, FootSmart provided me with the Ecco Women’s Omak Perf Sandals which are the PERFECT spring/summer pair I was looking for! This pair is so essential for any spring look because they come with a cushioned footbed for those long walks in that park plus a flexible outer sole for those nights out with the girls. Let’s not forget the 50’s vintage-y design it features so effortlessly. Once I broke out of my bewitched shoe-gasm, I immediately put the shoes to work by going out on the town and doing a little springtime outfit photo op. Needless to say, I had so much fun rocking my new shoes and can’t wait to snag more deals with the FootSmart $7 off $70 promo code!

SOS: The Vixen’s Survival Guide To Spring Footwear!

March 29th, 2013

A wise woman named Carrie Bradshaw once said “Men, I may not know. But shoes … shoes, I know”. Granted, she was in the midst of a dispute with her less than pleasant boss over at Vogue (oh, to have such problems!) but nonetheless, she made a point that most of us vixens can resonate with. That being said, I’d personally like to think (although I may be met with some disagreeing parties) that as women, we are a bit easier to figure out than the latter sex. Simply put: all it really takes is a little chocolate, some cute accessories, and a killer pair of shoes (emphasis on the shoes) and we can pretty much conquer the world. We definitely do not take our relationship with our shoes lightly, which is why when it comes to selecting the perfect essential pairs for Spring, we prefer to take the time to choose only the best and boldest, just to cover all the bases. If you find yourself in a similar situation, which I am sure is a given considering that Spring has finally graced us with her presence, then you’ve come to the right place. We’ve outlined three must-have pairs to kick start this season’s wardrobe, so fasten your seat belts!

I mentioned earlier that Spring is here, but if you’re residing in NYC or anywhere on the glorious northeast coast, you’ll appreciate the fact that the weather has been anything but…. Springy. That doesn’t mean that we’re not ready to break out our favorite Spring and Summer staple, though – yes, vixens, I am speaking about the hot older sister of the standard flat sandal: the wedge! This style in particular is straight from our favorite guilty pleasure,, which is a vixen’s mecca when it comes to sexy shoes. These G by Guess Shoes stole my heart because not only are they available in my favorite color (black), but they are sky high and combine the sexiness of a heel with the comfort of a sandal with a convenient back zip closure. As you can see, the Embark by G by Guess wedges can even be styled with a pair of jeans and a pop of leopard print, while still giving off the same edgy and cool vibe, just as they would with a pair of high-waist cut-offs!

Now, just because I am a big fan of the neutral palette in general, does not mean I can’t appreciate a pop of color every now and then. After all, a vixen’s day-job is to be as surprising and unpredictable as possible, right? Enter Jungle Gym by Chinese Laundry, another oh-so-sexy pair of towering wedges straight from, with a comfortable platform and pop-of-pink jelly double ankle strap! They were the cherry on top of our favorite aztec print leggings, and can easily be worn casually during the day or for a night out with the girls. The best part about any pair of Chinese Laundry Shoes is that they bring the latest trends straight from the runway that vixens can actually afford without having to sell their glitter-filled souls, and these babies are no exception. Even the most timid fashionista can appreciate a subtle pink splash of brightness, so I would definitely recommend them if you’re not mentally prepared to fully embrace a complete neon-filled wardrobe just yet.

Alas, the pièce résistance: these neutral skin-toned stunners, aka the Gabriela by JustFab. Vixens, if you’re anything like me, you may have been guilty on more than one occasion of judging a book by its cover when it comes to footwear selection. This case was anything but an exception, but I was more than pleasantly surprised by my false preconceived notion. Once I put them on, it was love at first sight. They combine the elegance of a strappy sandal, with the sexiness of a 5-inch platform stiletto – what more could a vixen ask for?! This of course makes them the perfect armor for any special occasion or evening event, and the finishing touch to virtually any color outfit you can conjure up. Plus, their side strap button closure makes them adjustable for petites and super convenient if you’re in a rush. And, as we’ve showed, they are also a fantastic companion to the season’s hi-low dress and skirt trend. I must admit, this was my first pair of JustFab Shoes, which were also available at, but after hearing rave reviews for what seems like an eternity, I now understand the hype completely!

And now to the juiciest part of this Spring survival guide: you can use a 10% Off Promo Code and save on your entire purchase of the above mentioned and more! I would browse all that the site has to offer on a full stomach, however, because the seemingly endless amount of styles you are going to feast your eyes on are definitely not for the faint of heart.

Spring into Style with Charles David

March 15th, 2013

It’s spring! We can already hear the birds singing and see the trees flowering- even if it’s not truly happening for the moment. But there is something missing from this whole uplifting and colorful surrounding. In order to feel the season transition you have to get rid of boots and wintery footwear and let your shoe collection bloom as the flowers do. You need to add the beautiful spring colors, styles and senses to your footwear closet. And you are only one click away from doing this. All you need is to get online at Charles David and choose among a dazzling collection of shoes while using exclusive promo codes and coupons from, because you don’t want to let your wallet wither while your style blossom.

Pump It Up 

I’ll start with my favorite shoe style and that’s definitely pumps. Pumps is the most feminine piece of footwear since it’s cute, sexy and girlie at the same time and can be worn day and night, from the office to the party. So let’s get to the point, and talk about the top 2 pumps for the new season. First off, we all need a hot pair of heels that can be matched with any color and any piece of clothing. That’s the Dolce leather slingback platform in cognac color which can be worn with a cute floral dress, a pair of skinny jeans, any color of shorts or even with a maxi see- through dress. Secondly, another gorgeous shoe is the Shelby leather and suede slingback peep toe in camel which can also been combined with everything in your wardrobe. You can get both of the above while saving big with the Couponology exclusive 20% off promo code. I can already feel your excitement since I felt the same when I first came up with it!

Sandals & Sun

If you asked me which is the first thing that comes to my mind when I think of spring and summer I’d surely mention sandals and sun. And since I always relate everything with style then I wouldn’t imagine getting into spring without a new pair of sandals. So I recently bought for myself the gorgeous Solstice suede platform sandal which comes in a beautiful iris- navy color that fits perfectly with jeans and with super comfortable straps that hugs smoothly the foot and offers the best of comfort. Also, if it wasn’t for the lack of space in my closet due to all those Charles David stunning heels, then I’ll definitely go for Pansy metallic suede and glitter platform sandal. It’s such a glowing and gorgeous piece that allows you to forget about your clothes since nobody will take his/ her eyes off it while you are wearing it. Yes, I just can’t miss this one, especially now that I can use the exclusive 15% off promo code from Couponology.

Last but not least, don’t forget to always check for Charles David new arrivals since the list is getting longer and longer day by day, but also take advantage of the unbeatable discounts thanks to the constantly provided online promo codes and coupons from Couponology. What are you waiting for? Just get online at and choose the shoe that suits you best and be sure that if your shoe mantra is comfort and style, then you are definitely at the right place.

See The “White” Light InTheBox!

March 11th, 2013

Three magic words popped out of your mouth: “Yes, I do”, and your world was filled with unbearable happiness! It also happens to be spring time and you know you’ll have nature’s blossom by your side while walking towards the aisle of the church. You have already pictured it: open space scenery, blooming nature, flowers in your hair and love in the air. What you haven’t realized though, is that you’re about to throw your first Olympic marathon of wedding preparations! And if you think I exaggerate even a bit, ask all of your married friends! Anyway, as it happens once in a lifetime (hmm that depends really) you need to get the best out of it! Feel lucky and safe as you have the right coach by your side, to show you all the hints and guide you successfully through the finish line! I’m taking about LightInTheBox, specializing in weddings and events, fashion clothing as well as beauty, home and many more!

imageOh their wedding category is so overwhelming that you can find everything you need from wedding dresses and accessories to invitations, decoration and beauty. I was recently checking out their Spring 2013 collection and guess what: I found many dresses more than exciting (note that I’m not the easiest person in the world)! The best part is the amazing price cuts keeps all year long (even in new arrivals) providing gowns for every single taste: glamorous, plain, vintage, trendy, name it! However, there was one dress that really stood out for me: the A-line Princess One Shoulder Sweetheart Chapel Train Watteau Train Lace Satin and Tulle wedding dress. This marvelous piece took me back to a chic, nostalgic era where superior quality in fabrics and extra style in lines were dominant. Notice that the small flower on the one shoulder gives that retro tone of a diva, while extra quantities in tulle look like this gown just popped out of a candy dream! The embroidered details at the ends and the long tail will give that extra class, while the price can be a knockout when using $20 Off $190 Wedding Promo Code from Couponology.

Get the complete Hollywood-style look with loose waves in an updo and perfect gemstone drop earrings like the Charming 925 Sterling Silver Blue Crystal Drop Earrings that will add a brush of color to your total white bridal look. These December-Topaz crystal blue round stones are the perfect eye catching jewelry to make everyone in the room (including the groom) fall in love with you! Use the $10 Off LightInTheBox Coupon Code to save big on those gems!

It is true that even the neatest dress needs the right shoe to bring out the best out of it that’s why I picked the Satin Stiletto Heel Platform/ Pumps With Ruffles. This satin high heel stiletto/ pump in leatherette lining and buckle/ ruffles details is here to give you something of Marilyn Monroe’s timeless girly style! Every step will be bringing you closer to the golden old Hollywood glam era and nearer to your loved one as you will be approaching the final steps of the church! Make this unique pair yours at a great discount with Couponology’s $7 Off $82 LightInTheBox Promo Code. Also, if you want to add extra drama, enhance your style with the Satin Elbow Length Fingertips Flower Girl Gloves in white or ivory, ideal for spring and looks ready to transform you into a vintage Hollywood singer.

On your wedding day, it’s natural that all eyes will be on you so make sure every little detail adds to the general image! I’m talking about the More Than One Thousand Austrian Rhinestones Evening Clutch that will add a notch of glow to whichever dress you pick to wear on that day! Also, it promises to hold all those small necessary items you’ll need! The crystal/ Rhinestone shell material will dazzle everyone as you go by while its strap or handle style will you give you extra versatility. Use the $20 Off LightInTheBox Coupon Code and get dazzled by the price as well!

In the end, I left the Beach Themed Seashell Wedding Shower Table Decorations just to give you a taste of what can do for your wedding decorations! Imagine all your party reception tables with see-through glasses and seashells inside to give the romantic atmosphere you always dreamt of! I could go on and on praising’s vast wedding collection, however it’s always your wedding your call so take a look at all those options, get inspired and you’ll surely see the “white” Light.. InTheBox!